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By  AhmadMD _     May 31, 2012    Labels:,,, 

Do you want to learn how to speak in Bahasa Sug (Tausug Language)?
Do you know someone who is a Tausug, and wanted to surprise them by speaking with them in Tausug fluently?
Do you have some words or phrase you want to be translated into Tausug?
Or Are you just someone who will enjoy learning a new Language?

But, too sad there is only a few sites having an easy-to-follow, tutorial on how to learn Bahasa Sug...?

Well, worry no more!

Starting June 2012 (that's tomorrow!), a new site created to cater the need of those who wanted to Learn Bahasa Sug by heart is here! Introducing... "TAUSUG 101: Learning Bahasa Sug" by Anak Iluh. It's finally here! Your one-stop online tutorial site for learning Bahasa Sug--the FUN WAY!.

It's a simple site having the following features:

1) GRAMMAR LESSONS = a series of easy-to-follow, subject-based lessons on Bahasa Sug directly from a homegrown-Tausug from Sulu! You don't have to know a lot of grammar rule and the technical names of those expert linguists, you just have to check these lessons which will be published every Thursdays starting June 2012.

2) BONUS (EXTRA) LESSONS = Informal, non-grammar-related conversational lessons will also be published in this site. Common Tausug terms that would be a must-know for beginners on Tausug conversations like "Asking Questions", "Counting number", "Telling Time and Day", and the like will be posted every Thursdays starting July 2012.

3) TRANSLATIONS = the site would also feature Translation Requests from readers asking "How do say, 'I love you'? or 'I am Handsome' in Tausug?", and the like. Explainations on diferences, proper usage and pronunciations will also e provided to help the learner understand the terms fully.

4) DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO FILES and SUPPLEMENTARY READINGS. Each lesson will be accompanied by Supplementary readings to help the learners train their vocabulary and learning in Bahasa Sug. To add to its touch, audio files for each Tausug terms, emphasizing rules in pronouncing, words and letter transformations will also be included!

5) The best thing for it is, It's for FREE! The author of the site is a no-expert in language teaching but is somehow trying his best to share what he know about his own language. It's certainly made not for earning some peso (although he is really in need of that now, hehe). 

WOW! Learning Bahasa Sug had never been this easy and fun!

So what are you waiting for? Be prepared for a long and exciting journey of learning a new language: the Bahasa Sug of the Tausug People! Grab a friend, prepare your notes, and be ready to learn a new language in no time!

Visit: Tausug 101 for more details.

Salam kasilasa!

About AhmadMD _

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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