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Meet Ahmad Version 2.0

By  AhmadMD _     May 16, 2013     
==This is an old version of the "Meet Ahmad" Page.=== updated May 10, 2015

Ahmad is a proud (yet humble)young Muslim Tausug.
He was born in the small, small town of Jolo in the far, far island of Sulu.
(Trivia: of all 5 siblings, he was the only one born in their humble home)
He loves books, and pens, and papers (he claims that he cannot live without them).

He loves to write (even though he's not really good at it).
He loves to read stories (and pretend he can write one someday).
He loves to share stories too (and jokes, but they are all too corny).
He loves to shoot photos (even though he don't have his own camera).
He loves Tausug Food (and anything Halal).
He loves the sea (it's part of his life).
He loves to swim (just the regular freestyle swims, I swear!).
He also loves to travel (and climb mountains :)
He loves to dream (oh, the endless and impossible dreams).
He loves to sleep. (Even though... Yeah, he really loves to sleep).
And he always pray and try hard to become a better Muslim each day. To be able to help a lot of people when the right time comes, in shaa Allah.

He grew up running around chased by dogs, and cats and chickens and ducks (yes, those icky, angry, wet ducks!). He would reminisce those times when he was just busy flying kites, throwing slippers, playing pebbles and making paper kites and paper boats, or helping her mother clean their school's library. He loved to get drenched in the rain. And he's really bad at climbing trees (and never knowing how to get down again) and shooting slingshots (he always end up hitting his own hands). He always wonder with the marvelous creations around him: the moon and stars above, the trees and mountains below, the sea so vast and the sky more wider. He would often lay on the grass listening to birds sing, or watching the sun set, cherishing the cool winds touching his dark brown skin. He will always love life in the provinces more than any day in the noisy, busy city streets.

He grew up without a father when he died 16 years ago. Yet Alhamdulillah. he was blessed with a great mother who made each day of his life colorful and full of light (her name is Misba, which is the Arabic for "lamp"). He has four brilliant siblings, two great, beautiful, generous, and loving (*insert more adjectives here*) elder sisters and two cool, creative and dependable (weh?) younger brothers. Ahmad always love each moment when the six of them (their mother and the 5 siblings) are complete and will always yearn for yet even just another day that it will happen again (Ameen in shaa Allah). And he knows that it will be greater if they will finally  meet their father, Engr. Hajiri in jannah some day (Allahumma Ameen :) 

A proud product of Kasulutan Elementary School and MSU Sulu Laboratory High School where he started loving the subjects Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and History. He hated Biology the most then. And until now he never knew why he ended up finishing and loving the one he hated most later in his life :) And so he learned that life is indeed full of mysteries (naks).

And have you noticed? He just loved using parentheses (you know, his mind is always in a state of clutter, so a lot of ideas come out while working on something else. No, it is not good)

He finished his undergraduate course in Mindanao State University-Main Campus, Marawi City with a not so good story (he almost missed his graduation, y'know!). His course? Oh, you won't be amazed. It's just the science of studying animals (like you and me). Try Google-ing it. Ahmad is now studying in University of the Philippines College of Medicine, trying as much to survive in the world of Medicine, yet always being inspired by the wonderful stories he hear and the experiences he had in the renown Philippine General Hospital everyday. He would at times write about those experiences in his journals, and seldom would publish them here in this blog. No, he is not as good as his brilliant classmates but he gets by with the hardships in school and survive exams alive somehow. Alhamdulillah.

And now he is dreaming of becoming a good doctor someday, not a rich one, but someone who had just enough (skills, and knowledge and resources) to help his family, his fellow Tausugs, his fellow Muslims, and those who are in need. He also dreamed of publishing his own "meaningful" novels.

Up until today, he is still looking for his purpose in life (naks! wag kayo maniwala dito, Pagala-gala lang siya ngayon...)

And lastly, he is indeed grateful to you that you paid a visit to this humble blog of his :) It is not much of a read, but he says: "Magsukul tuud" (Thank you so much).

You can email him your concerns here: anakiluhmd(at)gmail.com


(in short: Nahihirapan pa rin ako gumawa ng sarili kong ABOUT ME page. ahahaha
Pasensya na sa napakaraming errors... Mapa-Spelling man o Grammar, pagtiisan niyo na, hindi naman ako ganun kagaling eh. hehe)

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About AhmadMD _

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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