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As I begin my 2nd yr in Medschool…

By  AhmadMD _     June 10, 2013    Labels:,,,,,, 


Alhamdulillah, another year in Medschool had just started. It’s June already and I still can’t believe that I am already done with my first year, and I am now starting my second year here in UP College of Medicine. Really, I am still grasping the truth that those were not dreams at all! Am I still dreaming?

The letter I received carrying the Good news Alhamdulillah.
I can still remember last year, some days before the results of the official List of students accepted to the UPCM will be released (these 160 guys and gals will later be known as the UPCM Class 2017). I was getting anxious and hopeless then, as days go by and I still haven’t received any confirmations from them. UPCM was the only Med-school I applied for (because I am so lazy working on another application papers) and most of the students who applied are all exceptional (and except for me). And due to the impending desperation then, I already started filling-up another application form from another Med-school just to be on the safer side of the road. Then Alhamdulillah, the great news finally arrived :) 

And now, a year after all those roller-coaster experience in the college, MashaAllah, I realized that indeed there are still a load of things I have to know before I can grab that dream of becoming a Doctor someday. Yes, I am done with the first year of struggling to survive (Alhamdulillah) and yet it still feels like I am just at the doorsteps of this bigger world I am about to enter… (So I better be really, really, really, really, prepared before going into that “dark” world. Hehe)

And so, before I enter the second year of hardships, there are a lot of people I wanted to acknowledge first and give my utmost gratitude and thanks. (I have already done this last year, but I just wanted to mention it again here… :)

First and foremost, to Allahu Subhanahu wa Taala. Who made things always possible midst all the little things that we have in this world. I am always grateful for every little thing that Allah had given us and my family. In accepting those prayers that are best for us, and changing those that might be bad for us. Unto you we worship, ad only unto you we ask for guidance and forgiveness. Ameen.

Next, I am deeply in debt to former Senator Santanina Rasul and her Family. She and the Rasuls had done so many great things to us fellow Tausugs (especially the Youths). From my High School days as one of their AAR Scholar, to my temporary employment as Regional Assistant of LIPAD (An NGO promoting adult literacy) and until to the very beginning of my application in UPCM, they never stopped believing that we can do something great amidst our little means. Indeed, they have moved mountains just to support us in pursuing our dreams, training us to become better and more service-oriented youths of Sulu… They instilled in us the idea that “the best way to express your love to your country, is to go back and serve the community.” Magsukul tuud Maam Nina for everything :) In shaa Allah, I will always return to our humble place (Sulu) and serve the people of Sulu!

To my very first FAMILY in med-school, the Regionalization Student Organization or RSO with our very own Tatay, Dr. Abdel Jeffri Abdulla. Being a Regionalization Program (RP) Student is one thing I am never ever going to regret and something I am indeed thankful of. I am always happy every time I am with RSO (wweeeeeh drama na naman). Sa RP 2017 tsaka sa Exe-Comms last year, pasensya na kayo na palagi kong nabibigo mga expectations niyo sa akin last year, haha! Try ko bumawi this taym, in shaa Allah. Sobrang salamat sa lahat ng learning, laughter, and lakwatsa (immersions hehe). Let’s keep the spirit and shout: FOR THE NATION, THROUGH THE REGIONS!

Sa UP Manila-Association of Muslim Students (AMS), sa ibang MSAs ng ibang schools dito sa Manila, sa mga kapatid kong Muslims na nakilala ko dito, kelan ba next activity natin? Alhamdulillah, Allah na ang nagbigay daan na makilala ko kayo at hindi ako tuluyang mawala sa landas (naudhubillah). Mahirap man ang buhay para sa mga Muslim dito sa Manila, pero kung may mga kasama kang mga kapatid na may matibay na paninindigan at Iyman, mashaAllah, nothing is impossible! (With His help of course). Fasbiruw ya ikhwatul muslimiyn, fainnakum ‘alal haqq!  

Sa mga classmates, seatmates (back-seat boys), SGD-mates, Trans-mates, at Anatomates!!! Tsaka sa lahat ng naging partners ko sa mga group works natin (may group works ba ako? Hehe joke lang) kitakits next year! Haha. [parang extended Trans-greeting lang to…] Basta salamat din sa inyo. At first, I worried about being out-of-the-picture; that being with the ‘nerds’ of UPCM would make me feel hanging in the air (especially na 2 lang kaming Muslim at galing pa sa “other schools” haha). At ang laking “maling akala” pala. Akala ko puro aral lang alam ng mga taga-UP, hindi naman pala. Meron ngang hindi nag-aaral eh haha. Peace! I love you guys (cheesy)!  Basta, kahit may mga iba’t-ibang storya at mga buhay tayo, at kahit minsan na ako lang talaga ay umiiwas sa ibang activities natin (alam niyo naman na di ako pwede sa inuman mga pre), I am still proud to be part of this class… Class Twenty-Seventeen, Reign Supreme!

The Class 2017

To special friends who keep on cheering me up and believing that I can still go on (kahit sobrang bugbog na ako sa stress ng medskul), maraming-maraming salamat sa inyo. I may not be able to mention all your names here, but believe me, you are always in my heartfelt thanks (naks naman!) 

And most importantly (of course) I would not be able to survive my first year in Med-school with all those financial expenses and emotional stresses without my very beloved Family. Malaggu’ in pagsukul ku pa Tuhan pasal awn aku pamilya makasi, malasa, matuyu’ tumabang ha mga biya’ miskin-miskin, kulang-kabus biya’ kámu’ ini. Magsukul ha mga inaun iban amaun ku (di’ ta na kamu ngánan, adakala awn kalupahan ku hehe) ha pagtabang laung ha Ina’ ku kailu. Magsukul ha pagpautang kámu, hehe, In shaa Allah maka-puas da kami ha adlaw susungun (Ameen). Magsukul tuud ha duwa lingkatan magulang ku (hi Kakah Raiy iban hi Inn) naglugtu’ tuud isab nag-usaha, gimuwa’ hula nagbinsana’ sin baran, ha supaya lumuhay-luhay in pag-gastu sin pag-iskul namu’. OK na dih na kita magdrama, hehe, kayngatan niyu na yan.

And lastly, to my very beloved Inah. The only woman I have ever truly loved since the day I learn how to smile (don’t ask me anung fetal development stage yun, di ko na maalala ahaha). Words are not enough to show you how much we are grateful that Allah had given us such a loving, caring, very strong and good humored Mother like you (ayiieee nagpapa-sweet na naman ako). We love you inah! Misan dih namu’ na magkaiyan kaniyu verbally, we always wanted to see your smiles every day :)

Ayan. Balik eskwela na. 


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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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