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First Day Challenge

By  Ahmad Ibn Hajiri     June 11, 2013    Labels:,,,, 


“Ahmad! What were you thinking! Why did you decide to make your first 3 weeks in LU-4 in utter toxicity?!” Well, that was what I thought before the first day of my second year in Medicine started when I accepted the offer of becoming a Liaison Officer (LO) of our first subject/course for this year: HS202 Biopsychosocial Dimensions of Illness or BDI... They call this level as “HELL-U 4” because of the hellish experiences you students will experience compared to LU3 (freshmen year), and I already made my first week hellish than the rest of the class by being an LO. But as that first day as an LO came to an end, I finally realized why I accepted that challenge…

I wanted to try it. I know being an LO is not a good joke. You have to coordinate with the professors from different departments for their class schedules, announcements and exams. This first module will be composed of 5 different departments namely: Departments of Pathology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Psychiatry and Family Medicine and will last for 3 weeks. Yes, I am already killing myself now, to think that I would have to meet great doctors who never knew me from their past lives (I mean, past years) here in UP-Manila. I have to be persistent and patient with all the possible problems that may come, while being respectful to our great professors to keep things working so smoothly for the class. Worst of all, I will be representing the class to these departments. Anything that will go wrong from me and the class (my beloved class) will go down with me. Thus I also have to keep myself on the bright side of the day (or whatever it means). Being an LO is very new to me, and thus I wanted to experience it myself before everything gets worst at the end of the year… (After all, I know our Class’ Acad heads will help me along the way, right, Will and Kei? :)

I wanted to improve myself. I know I may not be the best man for this job. But in shaa Allah, I will try my best to accomplish my tasks. I always love challenging myself to become better than who I am before. I wanted to be better in managing things which I know I always failed to do in the past few years. I wanted to learn something new here that I may be able to use in my future career in shaa Allah; for my dream of becoming one of the best doctors for the Muslim Community. I wanted to improve my means of communicating and getting two different houses meet an agreement. I wanted to become a better leader: not someone I was before…

A lot of friends form the higher years had warned me of the challenges of this course (BDI) I am handling. I knew that this was one of the subjects that many students had a hard time passing in the finals. I am fully aware of them, and may Allah give me strength to face and overcome them all for my class. In shaa Allah, as much as I can do to help, I will never let my class suffer the same casualties. These are just part of the challenges that I knew we would face sooner or later. So better prepare for it sooner that wait for it to come at you by surprise… 

I hope and pray that this enthusiasm I have now will last until the end of my job as an LO. I hope and pray that being an LO will make me learn what I need to learn to be a better person for my people. I hope and pray that my intentions of accepting this responsibility will remain limited to the objectives of what is only necessary and will not go beyond what is needed. That everything will go fine and smoothly; that my class (UPCM Class 2017) will greatly benefit from it than the other way around. Ameen.

Reign Supreme!
-Anak Iluh

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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