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Pre-Ramadhan Symposium

By  AhmadMD _     June 20, 2013    Labels:,,,, 


Last June 9, 2013 I was fortunate to be part of a Pre-Ramadhan Symposium, Alhamdulillah. This was organized by our Muslim Student Association-Alumni brothers and sisters from different campuses and in coordination with the Islam in Focus (IIF) Productions-Manila. The symposium themed: “Virtues of the Holy month of Ramadhan” was held at Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation, Inc., at Sampaloc, Manila from 1:30 to 5 PM. The symposium, although simple, was attended by more than a hundred Muslim brothers and sisters throughout Manila.

Sheikh Ahmad Javier (in black shirt) with the other
ulama during the symposium
There were two main lectures followed by the usual open-forum part. The first lecture entitled “Virtues of Ramadhan” by Sheikh Ahmad Javier who is also the director of IIF-Manila. He talked about the great value every Muslim should place on Ramadhan and we should never let Ramadhan pass us by without us reaping its bountiful rewards. He also emphasized that knowledge about Ramadhan should always be renewed especially before it officially begins so that we will not be unaware of what should be done during Ramadhan. Reading the Qur’an everyday and striving harder in doing worship to Allah was also given emphasis in his lecture. At the end of his lecture, he reminded everyone that Ramadhan is such a special month reserved for the Muslims to partake, and every Muslim should prepare himself or herself as early as possible before Ramadhan comes in.

The second lecturer, Ustadh Ibrahim ibn Saleh talked about “The visitor that does not knock on your door” in Bahasa Sug. As most of the participants came from the ZamBaSulTa area and know Bahasa Sug, the lecture was also accepted heartily by the participants. This “visitor” he was referring is “death” that comes at every single soul without any signal or notice. And just as how we prepare for Ramadhan before it comes, each and every human being should always be reminded of death and what are the things he or she must do to prepare for its coming. He reminded everyone that death is indeed inevitable and that this life is only a temporary place for us and will always end. He also emphasized that this worldly life will be followed by the next life in the hereafter: where the real and eternal life will commence.

The venue was filled with participants eager to listen
to our lecturers
Before the program was officially closed, questions were entertained by the speakers and other 'ulama (Islamic Scholars) present in the symposium. Alhamdulillah, through this symposium a great number of Muslims in the Metro were reminded of Ramadhan and “death” and what should be done to prepare for both. The symposium was a great success, through the blessings of Allah, for our Muslim brothers and sisters who organized this event. May Allah reward all those who strive—physically, financially, intellectually—in making this event possible and for keeping the flag of Islam raised wherever we go.

Brothers and Sisters from MSA-Alumni

Let us all wait for Ramadhan enthusiastically this coming July, in shaa Allah!

Peace be upon you,

Anak iluh

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