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Anak iluh goes to Medical Student Summit

By  AhmadMD _     November 25, 2013    Labels:,, 
This year's 8th Medical Student Summit or MSS was held last Nov 23-24 at University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila. Various sessions and plenaries about the "Victories of Philippine Medicine" were held and other events as Med Quiz Bowl, Social's night and of course the Research Contest which I participated (try try lang).

Although I was only able to attend the Saturday afternoon session (because I was still not in good shape those days), Alhamdulillah I was happy that I attended the summit. It was a great chance for me to get involved with such kind of summits and meet other med students from other schools and learn new things, too.

I already expected not to win in the research contest for a lot of reasons, leading on the list is my late appearance and my poster was not as appealing as other participant's posters (it was my first time! I don't even know if I was doing it right haha). But all in all it was a great experience :) In shaa Allah I will try to do better next time.

There were also presentation of group projects by each participating medical college and I really enjoyed learning how each group of medstudents worked on big projects together to better serve the community they chose. There was this massive medical-surgical mission that took them years to prepare and hundred were saved. Another group collected P15 for every donor (students, professors, passersby) and was able to sustain a nutritional diet plan for undernourished kids in a barangay. Another group presented their project of creating a series of comic book about a young super kid fighting different diseases and teaching kids from Grades 3-5 the importance of health. All of their projects were indeed worth praising and as I watch each group present, there's a voice deep inside of me saying
and wishing, hoping that I could somehow participate in such endeavor and be able to do it in our humble provinces, especially focusing on the malnourished kids, I think.

Another worthy of mention during the summit was a chance to meet 2 new friends: Muslim medstudents from other school and who came from Tawi-Tawi. One of them was a freshie and the other same year as me. I hope I could meet them again in the future and work with them in promoting better health in the provinces. Perhaps on another Medical Student Summit, but with the other Muslim doctors-to-be too. How does a Muslim MedStudent Summit sound to you? :D

All in all, although I only attended 25 % of the session, I can consider it a good thing that I did somehow :)
Learn. For the Ummah. For my people. For my country!

Me and my humble Research Poster. This is my first time doing this so it's quite too simple


With my classmates :)
The Thomasian Arch of the Centuries (photo from Rommel Manderico)

Pa pose2 lang :D

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