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And so the third year begins.

By  AhmadMD _     August 11, 2014    Labels:,,,,,,, 
Assalamu Alaykum!

Alhamdulillah I am back! :D It’s been like, what, 5 months since my last post in this humble blog of mine? I already had fears that I would end up having a neglected blog that nobody would visit anymore. But Hey! After checking my stats, wow, mashaAllah! I still have 80 readers per day! ^_^ That is pretty many for me by the way haha.

So what’s new with our orphaned, Tausug, Muslim aspiring-to-be-doctor? Naah nothing much, aside from now being called a “Kuya” and referring himself as a not-yet LU5 student… (LU stands for “Learning Unit”, LU5 is equivalent to “Third year proper med” in other schools). Wait what? Anakiluh is already a third year student?

Hashtag unbelievable! Haha.

Really. I myself is still in this stage of “I still can’t believe this is happening!” situation. I just can’t believe that I am already a third year student and I am half-way there to the finish line! Yeah! (well we have to pass through inhumane, death-defying hardships before that, but let’s think about those later :) 

As I look back through the years that passed (just the past 2 years, I mean), it feels like so many happened in such short time! It feels like living a dream that wasn’t. I just can’t believe I am still here standing, alive, unharmed (yet), and still smiling (yet) and still hopeful (yet) and excited (again, yet) to achieve this wonderful dream of becoming a great doctor! 

The Class 2017 on their first day as LU5 students :) @ Buenafe Hall, UPCM. Photo (c) Meggie Monzon

So what’s ahead of us now? What are we expecting this year?

I still don’t know for sure. Our classes just started last week and our consultants and professors (as well as our senior colleagues) are telling us this would be the most “benign” year so better make use of it doing self studies (*ehem* what did I just say? *ehem*). This year is the “calm before the storm” as we popularly say it… Although we don’t want to believe that it would be that too benign… come on, this is medschool, nothing is benign here. It’s all malignant!

The exciting thing that I am so much expecting this year, is the rotations to the different departments :D Although we will not yet be given pretty heavy works (not until next year upon entering the clerk slavery company), it is still exciting to go through the different departments and start feeling what it’s like to be a real doctor somehow. 

Also, we just said goodbye to Friday Exams! Enough with those weekly exams! (Thank you! Thank you so much for this!) NO MORE WEKLY EXAMS! Wooohooo! And welcome to the never-ending piles of paperworks! @_@ 

Oh well, there is really no space for complaints or regrets here…
nobody said medschool is an easy life. We chose this path and there is no turning back.
So for you guys still wanting to enroll in medschool. Don’t waste your life here, go find another things that would make the world better. Just kidding :P

Okiedokie! Welcome to LU5 Ahmad!
Let’s do our best!
(Can you be more serious please? In life, and all?)

Salam Kasilasa,
Anakiluh, MD

(Sorry for this seemingly unorganized post :P Just missed blogging randomly)

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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