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LIMS: The Transcribers.

By  AhmadMD _     August 28, 2014    Labels:,,,,,, 

[Helpful for: All LUs/Year levels but not in all schools]

Assalamu Alaykum! (Greetings of Peace!)

Transcriptions or “transes” are the concise and summarized copies of the lectures by your professors. There should be some people who will do the dirty job of transcribing, and they are called the transcribers or in short: “Transers”

Your class will usually divide you into groups of transers with three members each (some schools will have only two) and you will be assigned to a scheduled lecture for you to transcribe. It is then your responsibility as the transers to get the necessary and significant information discussed in the lectures. You also have to do your best to persuade your lecturer to give you a copy of their presentations and handouts. Some professors are generous while others are just plain, nasty ones. So you have to be prepared if you have to start from scratch for the trans. But this (starting from scratch) does not happen very often as you will also be given a copy of the past transes where you can “pattern” your own transes.

But hey! DO NOT JUST COPY-PASTE THE PAST TRANS TO YOUR TRANS! All your classmates will hate this and you will eventually get the “Lazy Transers Award”. Just use the old trans as your guide, you can copy some parts of their trans but be sure to let it appear that you made some changes as well. Although you might get the same lecturer with the same topic and the same content from the past transes all throughout, you must as much as possible do some “revisions”. Add new notes discussed by your professors that were never mentioned in the past, and your group can decide if you will retain or delete those parts that were never mentioned by your professors (unless if he/she says “read the past transcriptions” which means it will appear in the exams).

As a group, you three must work together and divide the tasks equally. You have to agree first on how you divide the work: some would divide them by parts/pages while others divide it by “tasks” (revisions, formatting, final editing and uploading, printing and submission). Then you decide on the deadlines for each task so that you will be able to submit on time and avoid the sanctions.

All in all, a good team dynamics should play here. It will always be a pain if one of your group mates will not help in the transcribing especially if you are assigned in a very bad schedule—the last lecture before the exam. And because you will be grouped alphabetically according to your surnames, you really have no choice but to work with the ones next or before you. So you better get to know your trans-mates’ attitudes and skills, who is good at this and that, and who is more responsible and who is not. Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and try developing a good working chemistry. You really have to find ways--no matter what—to make your team work effectively. Each one of you must be able to help in transcribing and be responsible with his/her task without sacrificing the quality of your transes.

Well, you will get used to your transmates later on. You HAVE to get used to it somehow for you really have no choice. Haha. I am honestly blessed to have great transmates from the very beginning :) Hi Meggie and Karl! :D

 Salam Kasilasa!
Anakiluh, MD

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