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Beyond that Glass Door

By  AhmadMD _     October 07, 2014    Labels:,,, 
It was already late in the evening when me and my friends went out of the restaurant after a long dinner and discussions inside. The rain just stopped, and my watch said it's already 5 minutes past 10 in the evening. I was still carrying the box of donuts with me, there were still 2 pieces of donuts left and they all decided that it would go the to student in the group (which unfortunately is me). I have no plan of bringing it home and so I decided to give it to the first street children we might meet outside.

As if right on cue, I immediately saw a trio of street children huddled in a corner outside this condominium for the elites, as if waiting for someone to come out from that building. I thought they were just waiting for some foreigners to pass by that they may ask for some coins. But they were not moving anywhere, they were just sitting there, and as I approached them, it was then that I saw, one of the kids about the age of 5 was crying. The two elder boys who saw me coming were hiding the tears but I could see, they were crying as well.

I thought it was nothing but petty boy fights: two older boys bullying a younger one. We all go through those. But this time I saw not those violent eyes hurting and bullying the young one but of those caring eyes, comforting the crying young one; and looking back at the glass doors of that territory of the riches... as if pleading, asking for something.

Curious as I may, I approached them and gave them the box and told them to share the remaining donuts with each other. They just looked at me at first, then the box, but they did not take it immediately. I had to lay the boxes beside the crying boy, before the elder boys took the donuts and (did not eat them) and placed them neatly on their plastic cups. I asked the younger one why he is crying, and he gave me this answer:

"Yung Nanay ko! Yung nanay ko hinuli nila sa loob!"
(My Mom! They captured my Mom inside!) while pointing to the man in dark blue uniform beyond that glass door.

"Kinaladkad ng guard nanay namin sa loob!" (The guard dragged our mom inside!) said the elder one, sniffling a tear, as he tried to be strong "Pasalamat sila wala tatay ko dito eh!" (they should be thankful our father was not here!).

I went to the guard with the dark blue uniform, beyond the glass door, and asked him what happened. he said their mother was only brought in for "questioning" and he did not gave anymore detail. I went back to the kids, knowing I can't do anything here but reassure them that everything would be alright. That their mom will be released, she was just brought in to be asked on something. the two elder boys we're trying to look tough I observed, but the younger one kept on crying, his tears flowing free as the rain that drenched me the day before.

I approached him, and sat closer to him. Told him to stop crying because if he won't, the guards might not release their mother. In fact, I lied to him, his mother is already on her way. And look! You have sweet donuts! Stop crying young lad, she will come I assure you.

He did started to calm down.
He looked at me with those eyes drenched in tears. And he simply uttered "Natakot po ako na ikulong nila nanay ko..." (I was just afraid that they will bring her to jail...)


With a heavy heart I left them there, hoping that their mother would really be released immediately. I really don't know what happened and I can not meddle with these things between them. But those little moments I shared with those kids melted my heart... I went home praying, hoping against hope, that beyond those glass doors, their mother will be set free and be with her loving sons once more.

I hope those young boys will find a better future one day :( I know this is nothing but wishful thinking in this place. Our political leaders never really cared for them. They are nothing but sore in the eyes to us. We never really cared that they are humans as well, in need of protection, of care.

(Sorry I just can;t make this one short :(


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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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