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Skateboards, Fiction Writing and Perceptions: TOTW#12

By  AhmadMD _     March 21, 2015    Labels:,,,,,, 
Assalamu Alaykum!

For the 12th week of the year 2015, here are the things that happened:

The Exam last Wednesday was O-kay, I think. Well it was not that easy, there were essay questions that requires some knowledge of the subject matter. We were provided with enough time for our reading materials anyway, so if we failed to learn those concepts, its on us. (Oh I miss answering essay questions after 3 years of multiple-choice scantron type exams haha). The recall-type MCQ ones are tricky as well. Huh, what's new with our exams anyway.

Our Urban Community Medicine Rotation finally ended with our Final Reporting last Friday. It was not-the-usual all clinico-pathological presentation that we had in other rotations. Rather, it was more of a collation of 'creative' outputs from the four groups under ComMed for the last 2 weeks. Most of the group (actually all four of them) had video presentations (from laugh-your-ass-out funny videos to tear-jerking-MMK-style ones). One group even made us participate in their "Defend your egg" game outside Paz Mendoza as part of their report. Really, this one ranks among THE best presentation of reports I have ever attended to! haha!

And so my LO-ship in ComMed officially ended as well. ^_^ Alhamdulillah! It was another wonderful learning experience. I know I had a lot of lapses back then, but I hope my blockmates would forgive me for those. I can give them free pandesal if they want. haahaa.

Finally over!
The awesome Class 2017 Block 6 with the ever-energetic consultants of Community Medicine, Dr. Lopao Medina, Dr. Edelina Dela Paz and Dr. Gene Nisperos after our Final report presentations.
(Photo grabbed from Dr. Medina's FB page, with permissions)

The Cover slide of my group's report

Our last day in the community with our ever supportive Barangay Kagawad for Health Ms Sonia Dumdum (in white) and BCPC Secretary Mel Estardo.

We also tried those skateboards the kids in Brgy 736 always love to play

It's pretty small, had to keep your balance while trying not to fall.
That kid in white was teaching me how to do it. Awkward.
I am not really sure if this is really a skateboard or there's another name for these small plastic ones.

"THIS is how you do it" says the expert.
Ikaw na.

Okay let me try again...


(Ah Nope! You should notice that this is a STATIONARY NON-MOVING Skateboard! LOL)
#Cheater #Mapagkunwari

I love this quote in our last slide  ^_^ It so happened to be the topic of our group: "Child Protection".
I took the photo and did the editing as well.

Book of the week: "Beginnings, Middles and Ends" by Nancy Kress. A wonderful all-in-one book about fiction writing, from the best way to begin your story, developing the middle of it, and ending it with a wallop (as she say it). Been reading this for some weeks now and I really enjoy the things she teaches. I have learned my mistakes in writing and now I know how to better improve them when I start writing them again. I am already getting fired up in writing my next novel/short story ^_^

book read about fiction writing
When I'm in the mood to read... A wonderful book about Fiction writing

Movie of the week: Nada. Haven't watched any movie the past few weeks (except those shown by (Pirated) DVD sellers along the streets of Pedro Gil ^_^ But I think I would love to watch this soon:

Dreamwork's "Home"

(It's really weird listening to Jim Parson/Sheldon Cooper in an alien character. haha)
Coming soon on theaters March 27

TV Series of the week: PERCEPTION, Season 3
I started watching this last weekend. Yup, I started in Season 3, because that was the only copy my good friend was able to provide me with haha. But it was still an awesome watch.

It's a story of a Professor of Neurology in Chicago who helps the FBI in solving bizarre cases. He IS brilliant like House, MD brilliant... And here's the big twist: He is a Schizophrenic! He will have some bouts of visual psychosis every now and then: His imaginary best-friend who always gives him advises, a random imaginary anesthesiologist who will just pop-out from nowhere and tell him what he need (or not need). Sometimes they do make things more complicated for him and sometimes they actually help him solve the case! Awesome!

I stopped at episode 4. I am still a student alright, have to get back to my studies as well LOL. But then again, I will try catching up with the latest episodes online...

Halal Place of the week: None :( Haven't had the time to visit any new Halal place this week. Will work on this this weekend, in sha Allah.

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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