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Witnessing the Colors of the World!

By  Ahmad Ibn Hajiri     March 04, 2015    Labels:,,, 
Assalamu Alaykum!

Last night was a night of color and diversity! A night of exciting cultures, wonderful melodious songs and breath-taking performances by--take this--high school students from around the world! I still can't believe that is part of their "school project"! @_@

The International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) is an annual event sponsored by the Cultural Center of Turkey with the aim of promoting the unity in diversity among different languages and cultures around the world. 

This year is the 13th IFLC and it was held in Resorts World Manila. And guess what? I was able to attend that event together with some brothers FOR FREE! Awesome! (Thank you Dr. Abdul Hamet for the tickets! ^_^)

Among the countries that sent their representatives were: Kazakhstan, Romania, Georgia, Germany, Afghanistan, Albania, Madagascar. USA, Indonesia, Tanzania and Philippines.

Now don't blame me for being too excited... this was the very first time I could enter in a... okay enough with that one haha. Now with the show:

What welcomed us after entering the theater: hundreds of expectant audiences!.

High School students, alumni, professors, businessmen, professionals, CEOs, International delegates, name them all.

The hosts look familiar... hmmm
(It's Mrs.Mariel Padilla, wife of bro Abdul-Aziz "Robin" Padilla. The other one is a student from ICAD I think.

Mandatory Selfie. #Fail

Some Philippine Dance Troupe presenting a colorful Mindanaon dance ^_^

I don't know the name of this Filipino dance... they make use of some wooden benches

And this is where they took the audience into a breath-taking performance. Just imagine the lady up there jumping from one bench to another while the guy in red holding her and trying to balance. awesome.

Another breath-taking performance with the Tinikling. Failed to take photos of the speed-jumps, had to focus watching them ^_^
 Now for the International performers:

A young girl from a country somewhere in Eastern Europe (Georgia? sorry, I did not hear her country  being mentioned haha)

From the screen: ; I could only remember one thing with this photo. And I know Assassin's Creed players would know ^_^ *Juno everyone?*

They wave the colorful flags of the different participating countries

A performance where all countries were represented

"Birit Queen" from Philippines

A very cute girl from Albania I think

Cool guy from Afghanistan, he did sing well.

Another cute performer from Romania!

Was amazed by this young girl singing, representing Madagascar

madagascar singer
And look at those colorful background!

toelrance turkey zamboanga
Kids from Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School (from Zamboanga) dancing a Turkish dance. They were really cute and they performed the dance rather in an impressive way for kids

From Indonesia

indonesia singer
A young girl singing an Indonesian song with her Peacock costume ^_^

Another one from Philippines but she's singing  a Turkish song and she is so fluent in it! Amazing @_@

I really like this guy from Tanzania. His performance was full of Energy!

tajikistan performer
And it was good that he was the last performer. Look at the crowds going crazy with his dance moves!

And then the Final and ultimate performance of all the children representing all the participating countries. Even the host (the one in red) was among the main singers! Define "Colorful"

Saying Goodbye and thank you for all the support. *slow clap* it was really an amazing performance

And the brothers with Dr. Abdelhamet (center)

Yeah, you see me right there.

And look who else was there! It's Engr. Amerhussin, my "Big Bro" when I was in MSU marawi ^_^ It was really great to see him there. (Photo from Habagat Farrales. thanks bro!)

It was indeed a wonderful opportunity to witness and discover the different cultures and languages around the world, and realize that somewhere somehow, we still have hopes for the children of tomorrow midst the depressing recent issue of indifference, apathy and discrimination that our "adult" leaders.

After all even if we are all different in cultures and language, we all have one dream: Peace. 

Hope I could attend the 14th IFLC next year ^_^

(To know more about IFLC checkout their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/intflc)

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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  1. This event looks so colourful and interesting!
    It's nice to see people from different backgrounds coming together for something
    I love learning about different cultures and languages, so I loved reading this :)

    Neeny x



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