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By  AhmadMD _     April 17, 2016    Labels:,,, 
Aspire Summit 2016
Clerkship Day 210
Out of Post

Last April 9, 2016 I attended the ASPIRE SUMMIT 2016 held in GT Toyota at UP Diliman. It was the end of our rotation in Rehab Med and we actually have free weekends. It so happened that I was free that day so I signed up and registered myself online a few months ago. At first, I thought this was one of those conferences for young entrepreneurs and I don’t even remember why I signed up, haha! But with nothing much to lose, I went anyway. I might learn something for future projects I have in mind.

I was wrong on one thing though: This was not for entrepreneurs but for “young leaders for change”. I am more than glad that I attended anyway. It was a summit showcasing different organizations (NGOs and private companies) all managed by young and inspiring leaders! I never even knew who the speakers were until I got the programme, and guess what, two of the speakers were among those that I really admire: Rep. Sitti Djalia Turabin of Anak Mindanao and Bam Alegre from GMA News!

With Rep Siti Djalia Turabin-Hatamn. One of my "crushes" :)
GMA 7's Bam Alegre on responsible use of Social Media

A lot of other organizations like Haribon and the Yellow Boat were also introduced. They presented their respective programs, all are equally important and inspiring. Among those that really inspired me the most was the speech of a volunteer teacher from Teach for the Philippines, Ms. Liang Borlagdan.

Awesome speech.
Photo c/o ASPIRE Summit's FB Page

After listening to her story on how she started her journey of becoming a teacher, and even sharing her students’ stories as well, my once-dwindling dream and passion to teach was once again rekindled. It is just amazing how a single teacher can touch the lives of hundreds they teach. They (our teachers) are indeed our REAL HOPE. They mold our future, they guide our next generations to be better persons and become an integral part of our society. Yes, I still wanted to become a teacher like my mother one day. Maybe I can still do that in the future, I could be a doctor AND a teacher. I will teach in the morning and visit my patients during the other half of my days. Hmmm. Seems hard, but plausible! :D

There were also intermissions and games held while taking breaks, and guess what, I participated and won this awesome Asus Powerbank: ^_^

I don’t want to believe that I am the ONLY post-graduate participant that day. But it seems that I actually am the only one! Haha. I feel so old attending an event participated mostly by undergraduate students from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila. But then again, it was worth it. Too bad though that I didn’t have anyone I know with me. And I regretted not finding a new friend during the event as well. I was just too shy! Haha. Just kidding.

From: Pinoy Catalyst

Just glad to have a free day spending it on a different kind of passion I always have in my heart: Volunteering and serving other people. Alhamdulillah for that day indeed! :)

Learn more about ASPIRE Summit here: Link

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