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March 30, 2016
Clerkship Day 208
Day 3 on Rehabilitation Medicine

I received a text message from my dear cousin yesterday:

"Ungud (couz), are you free tomorrow? Ama is asking if you're free..." it read. Yayang (as we call her way back then) is my first cousin and a childhood friend, a humble daughter of my favorite maternal uncle. She's also in Medschool and we're on the same year (4th year). Right after reading her message, I was immediately reminded about something: IT'S HER GRADUATION DAY ALREADY!

I was not on duty that day but I still have to go to PGH and attend to my patients. I was only free after 4:30 PM, I told her and her father. I really wanted to attend the graduation ceremony and witness and feel that "feeling" of seeing your batch-mates (from other medschool) finally stepping up to the stage... receiving their fruits of labor... their diplomas... and being called "Dr. So-and-so". Maa sha Allah! But I just can't leave my post -_-

But then instead of me going to their place, they decided to "celebrate" here in Manila instead (they had a hard-time looking for a Halal restaurant there) and besides, we have other cousins who are staying around Manila. And so we had a wonderful Family Dinner.
The Sampang Family :)

And because I failed to bring my gift to her (haha) I am writing this impromptu letter instead.

Dear Ungud:

Al-Hamdulillah and Mabrook my dear cousin! ^_^ We are so proud of you! You have finally reached the end of your four-year struggle in Medschool and now you are ready for your next challenge: Post-Graduate Internship (PGI)! I know you may feel like you are not that good, but honestly, you are more than that. Because you are BETTER and GREATER! :) I will always pray that Allah will keep you strong and steadfast, for this road that we have decided to take is indeed a very long and exhausting path. I am just glad I have a cousin beside me to get by :) Pasari na maun kahunitan kita, in sha Allah dumatung da in katan ha kabayaan sin Allah :) 

As Allah always reminds us in the Holy Qur-an:

"Fainna-maal 'Usriy yusra... Inna maal 'usriy yusra." (For indeed, in every hardship, comes ease...)
-Surah Nashr 94:5-6
photo not mine :r

Come to think of it, your name was derived from that word! YUSRA = Ease :) So in sha Allah everything will be easy for you, Allahumma Ameen.

And here's another favorite verse in the Qur'an:

photo not mine :p and I'm too lazy to look for the owner

Yes. We still have a lot to go through. And this letter, this blogpost, I am dedicating to you :)


Your proud couz,

As for me...

Her graduation actually reminded me of my own journey as well. Wow! My fourth year in medschool is almost done (Hey! I am supposed to be graduating as well!!! #bitter Haha just kidding.) But I still have another year to finish (internship) before I could feel that excitement and enjoy the mesmerizing smell of our toga... and perhaps by then, I could finally cry my heart out. Dzah! #dramapamore haha.

For now. I still need to survive the remaining days of clerkship. One day at a time :)


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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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