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By  Doc Ahmad Hajiri     January 07, 2018  
Assalamu Alaykum! (Greeting of Peace!)

First off, you have to know that I am a website-maniac. Yes, you heard it right. I have created a lot of sites, managed some, deleted some, and because of too many sites to handle on my own, I have even forgotten some of them as well  LOL. But here are the few chosen sites I would consider my bestest bests... Please try visiting any of these even just once in your lifetime. Don't be overwhelmed by these number of sites... pretend that they are just few :p

Included in this list are some of my previous and on-going Projects as well. They range from literacy programs to health-related projects. Please help us spread the word and make this world a better place, yes?

Again thank you for visiting my humble blog.


My Sites
(Sites and Blogs I own, manage, maintain and always trying to promote)

Just click on the image and you will be redirected to the site/s
Website: TAUSUG 101
FB Page: Tausug 101 FB

Your Ultimate Guide in learning Bahasa Sug the easy way!
Created to cater the needs of those people who are eager to learn a new Language that had been part of a great history, of once great nation; the language of the brave and proud Tausugs of the Sulu Archipelago: the Bahasa Sug.


Projects and Websites I Manage

(Working with a team is always a great experience :) Here are some projects and sites of organizations I have been affiliated with. I am either an admin or webmaster in any of these sites/projects)

Old website: UVPN Blog
New site: The UVPN web

(co-admin with UVPN) A group of young Muslim Leaders in Mindanao, advocating the real message of Islam through community works, trainings on leadership and volunteerism and spiritual enlightenment. This organization is one of the best group I have ever been with :-)


FB Page

A humble project aiming at providing books and school supplies to the less-privileged children of Sulu. Learn more on how you can help us by clicking the logo/link above :)
If there is one site I want you to visit, it's this one.
The world of Blogging, intertwined with the colorful world of the Tausugs. Learn a lot more about the Tausugs, their ideals, aspirations and dreams (even their simple daily lives) in this directory of Tausug Blogs. In TB, you will find all the latest updates and blogposts by fellow Tausug bloggers like me :)


Facebook Page: IMAN 
IMAN is a group of Muslim Doctors and health practitioners in the Philippines aiming to help those who are in need of Medical services throughout the country. Check out our programs in our website/blog :)


Website FB Page
Your guide to everything Halal in Metro Manila


Te Regionalization Students Organization (RSO) of UP College o Medicine is a group of young Medical Students and Doctor who have only one goal at heart: Serve the far flung communities, especially those who are considered "under-served". As you hear our chants of "For the Nation, through the Regions!" explore the lives of these Doktor para sa Bayan at our site: Buhay RSO.


Dormant Sites :(

As much as I wanted to keep my sites working, when our time is so jam-packed with so many stuffs, we just can't help but sacrifice some of them :( Here are my "dormant sites":

Anakiluh @ Bubblews.com

(UPDATE: Bubblews already closed their website) I have been blogging/posting/writing in Bubblews.com. Its a free site where you can post almost anything under the sun, meet new friends who have the same dreams as you (or maybe not), learn a couple of new things around the world and (the best one) EARN MONEY for every post, like, comment ad views you recceive! Yes! It's true and genuine, been paid for a couple of times already :) Will post a review about it here in sha Allah. But as of now you can visit my page here or better join us in Bubblews here.


My own blog on photography. Featuring some cool photos I have published. Also sharing some stories, photo-essays, events, and techniques (the simple ones) here.

Tabang Sulu Blog. 

(co-author with AIM) The Official Blog-Site of Swara Bangsa Student Organization in MSU Marawi. It all started with the tragedy in Sulu last February 2011 that had lead to the conceptualization of this blog. Now becoming the official blog of our Organization: Tabang Sulu.

Ang Lakwatserong Isda
(All Things Mindanao)

Under the Blog All Things Mindanao. I am contributing Travel Articles (it is planned to be more of a Photo-Travel Blog) on different places in Mindanao. Of course, I will have to start on the islands I always been to: ZamBaSulTa. Just watch out for my future articles, soon (in sha Allah)


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